Make Money

Make Money

It comes a time when you are a faced with a situation and to come out of it cash is needed immediately.

The steps below will guide you on how to make money very fast and make your pocket fuller

Sell items you no longer use

Make MoneyVery many things lie in your house and you no longer need them. In fact, they are just filling the house and taking too much space. Get that guitar you never use, the CDs and DVDs you do not listen or watch anymore or toy collection that your kid has outgrown. Visit the pawnshop, put the adverts on internet sale pages, or conduct a sale forum outside your house or in a very busy street. Display the items and indicate amazingly low prices on them for everyone to see.

The low prices draw customers and with no time all your items will be bought. In case you do not want to part with your CDs, make copies of them for yourself and sell out the originals. Decide on whether you want to sell your items online on auction in sites like eBay and Amazon, or you want to cash on your hands and arrange for a local sale. This depends on the urgency of the cash needed.

Recycle bottles and cans

Some people do not throw away used cans and bottles. You can also visit a friend’s party and collect all the cans used after the party and sell them. Another way of collection cans is by calling a “bring your can” party. When the party is over, collect all the cans and turn them into cash. Empty cans can also be collected on busy roads in rural areas or from trash bins in town. This will earn you good cash per can.

Put on t-shirts, clothes, costumes that advertise a business

Some companies give out t-shirts with their names or products printed on them as an advertising strategy. However, you can get paid every time you put on a cloth branded the name or product of a company of your choice. The company will ask you to put on the t-shirt in public places where many people will see you.

Become a street performer

Become a street performerIf you can sing, dance, play guitar, tell jokes, then you can probably get money by performing in public. You can make a crew with some friends and perform on busy streets or public places like parks and beaches. Perform in public if you are perfectly good at it, do not try things you are not good at because people will walk away from you. Always be sure of the by-laws in the town to avoid getting yourself in trouble.